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Puppy Head Start 

Puppy Head Start is a board and train, in-home program, that starts at 8 weeks of age. Liz Belcher, owner of Pups-n-Motion will provide a 1 week positive reinforcement program that focuses on crate training and potty training (day & night) while also introducing these 5 essential and fundamental obedience skills (sit, come, wait, down, leash walking). Through enrichment activities and socialization experiences, your puppy will have taken it’s first steps to understanding that the world is a safe place and how to behave within it. At the completion of this head start program, Liz will have the puppy’s ready at her house for pickup and will walk each family through 45 minutes of consultation and training so that all this work can continue when you get home.


What you can expect:

  • Puppy will be acclimated to sleeping thru the night as well as naps during the day in the crate.

  • Puppies will understand to potty outdoors and be on a regular feeding and potty schedule as an essential first step in “housebreaking”.

  • Socialization: Your puppy will be exposed to different sights, smells, sounds, noises and textures through daily trips to places like: Home Depot, Lowe’s, Home Goods, Tractor Supply and outdoor shopping plaza’s. 

  • Your puppy will start to take those very first steps towards developing self-control and learn basic obedience commands: sit, come, wait, down, and leash walking.

  • At puppy pickup, Liz will provide and review a training packet that includes: day & night potty schedule, feeding schedule, as well as positive reinforcement techniques that will help keep everyone (parents, families, and puppy) on the right track towards a lifetime of happiness with your new confident, loyal, and lovable companion. Packages includes Liz’s contact information for support as needed.

The cost for this one week head start program is $600. Liz can accommodate two puppies per litter, and spaces fill up quickly so let us know right away if you would like to participate in this program. 2 week, 3-4 week, 5-6 week programs, or a customized program can be discussed directly with Liz.

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