Upcoming Litters

Late 2020-Early 2021
Small Mediums - Red, Caramel, and White w/Red Markings
Fully Reserved at this Time 
Stella/Hale's Ringo
Minis - Apricot, Chocolate, Black, some with White Markings
Fully Reserved at this Time
Large Minis - Apricot, Caramel, White with Caramel Markings
Limited Reservations Available
Minis to Small Mediums - Chocolate and Caramel
Limited Reservations Available
Mediums - Red, Red with White Markings
Limited Reservations Available
Updated 7/3/20

Breeder reserves the right to hold back any pup for Breeding Program.

On occasion we may have to use a different male than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances using a particular stud. We may decide to go with another male simply to improve a litter. Mother Nature participates in all breeding, thus the unforeseen can and does occur: small litters, non-conception, reabsorbed puppies and/or miscarriages, still born puppies, etc. 

Upcoming litter arrival dates are estimations based on prior heat cycles. Actual due dates can not be determined until the dogs have been bred.

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