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Reservations are now open for Fall/Winter litters.  If you would like to reserve your place, please fill out an application and we will get back to you. Please also follow us on Facebook for more updates and weekly puppy photos. Updated 9/11/23.

Summer/Early Fall Litters 2023

Aspen/Fairytale's Lager 22-25lbs 
Aspen gave birth to 3 chocolate and caramel puppies on 7/19/23. (All puppies are reserved.)
Mille/Moose 16-25lbs in caramel and red.  Millie whelped 7 puppies (3 girls, 4 boys) on 8/3/23. (All puppies are reserved at this time.)
Eevie/Doc  15-25lbs in Cream and Gold. Eevie whelped 3 puppies (2 males,1 female) in cream with with white markings on 8/8/23. (All puppies are reserved at this time.)

Upcoming Fall/Early Winter Litters 2023

Charlotte is in heat and will be bred to Moose. We expect puppies to be born around 11/22- all Red puppies in the 27-36lb range.


Ginger/TBD Ginger is due to come into heat in September - we expect Minis 16-25lbs - colors TBD

Petunia/TBD Petunia is due to come into heat in early October- we expect Large Minis 22-25lbs - colors TBD

Breeder reserves the right to hold back any pup for Breeding Program.

On occasion we may have to use a different male than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances using a particular stud. We may decide to go with another male simply to improve a litter. Mother Nature participates in all breeding, thus the unforeseen can and does occur: small litters, non-conception, reabsorbed puppies and/or miscarriages, still born puppies, etc. 

Upcoming litter arrival dates are estimations based on prior heat cycles. Actual due dates can not be determined until the dogs have been bred.

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