Adoption Process

Placing puppies that compliments your lifestyle is our top priority. While the puppies are growing and developing, during the 8 weeks in our care, we are evaluating their individual personalities, temperament, and energy.  As fun and helpful as it can be thru pictures or short visits, it is not always obvious which puppy is the ideal fit for your family.  We believe that with specific guidance from us together with your detailed application, we will be able to match the perfect puppy for you.  We understand people have preferences, and we will do our best to honor those, but first and foremost our priority is to match puppies and families based on personality and temperament.  


Beginning November 1, 2019 our adoption process will be as follows:


  • Fill out an initial application.  Please be as specific as possible as to what you are looking for in your future puppy (energy level, color, size, sex, lifestyle needs).


  • We will contact you once your application is approved and let you know which reservation list best fulfills your requests. We take 4-7 reservations per litter depending on the dog. 



  • Place your $500 deposit by check, Paypal or Venmo. This will put you on the discussed reservation list.


  • Once puppies are born you will receive a birth announcement. You will then receive weekly emails from us with updates, FAQ’s, suggestions, etc.  You can also view your puppies on Facebook as we update every 1-2 weeks. 



  • At 6 weeks, on a date decided by us, you will be invited to come visit the puppies for “Visit Day” by appointment. For those who cannot be here in person, we can offer alternative video-based solutions (FaceTime, Skype, etc.) Final payment of $2500 is due at this time.


  • Between 6-7 weeks puppies will have a wellness exam by our licensed veterinarian and temperament testing by our certified trainer.  With all testing results in-hand, Monadnock Labradoodles will then determine which puppy best meets your requests as outlined in your application and your puppy will be matched to you.  Once the list is finalized, we will call you and let you know which puppy is yours! If for some unforeseen reason, we do not believe we have a puppy that matches your needs, we will let you know and discuss moving your reservation to a different litter. 



  • At 8 weeks of age your puppy goes home to you.  Puppies are picked up in person. If a puppy needs to be delivered to you, that needs to be discussed and planned with us well in advance. In the event that you are not able to pick up your puppy on the scheduled date a $50.00 a day fee will be charged to cover boarding expenses up to 3 days. 

*If you have already have reserved a spot on a litter that is born prior to 11/1/19, this does not apply and you will pick your puppy by order of deposit when the puppies are 6 weeks old.  

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